Life would be so much different if losing the lottery was the cool thing to do, amirite?

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Ever read The Lottery by Shirley Jackson?

@boxtop Ever read The Lottery by Shirley Jackson?

I just read the story and am now watching the television adaptation. Thanks for sharing. It's really thought-provoking and sickening at the same time.

@boxtop Ever read The Lottery by Shirley Jackson?

I did, and I also read a few adaptations of it and was in a play version. I played the lottery winner which was an...interesting role.

"Hey I just won the lottery!"
"Ha! Dork!"

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Don't really know much about it, but wouldn't that be like The Hunger Games? The Lottery was my first pick, but boxtop won that race.

It is the cool thing to do. Everybody's doing it.

I would be the coolest motherfucker alive if that was the case.

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