A Russian sub is just now detected... IN THE GULF OF MEXICO!!! I know military spending is kind of out of control, but we should at least protect ourselves. amirite?

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If anyone would have bothered to check the date on this post, you would've seen that its from 30 years ago. It made sense when op posted it.

Wait, they have Russian Subways? We should take it out of the Gulf before it gets all soggy!

I'm pretty sure the U.S. military doesn't need to be spending any more than it already is. And I'll bet we have tons of secret forces/equipment all over the world. Double standard much?

The Gulf is International waters. The Russians have just as much right to be there as we do. I live on the Gulf Coast, and them beibg there does not scare me, especially since there are an ally of ours. The Cold War has been over for 20you years. Things have greatly change.

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Cite you sources

@Jonesy Cite you sources

Type in on google " Russian sub in gulf of Mexico"

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Because, you know, as someone else already said, Russia is out biggest enemy these days.
Also, the Gulf of Mexico belongs to America and America only.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news...ndetected.html I have also heard this and this link is for everybody incapable of using the fucking internet that they have access to. Yeah im talking to alllll of you


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Why are so many people disagreeing? If you disagree then you say we shouldn't protect ourselves!!!

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