You shouldn't make someone chase you just to boost your sense of self-worth. And you shouldn't chase someone just because you think you're in love, or because it seems "socially appropriate" to do so. To quote Henry Louis Mencken, "love's the delusion that one [person] differs from another". If you think you need to play a stupid little Chase Game with someone, instead of just being straight-forward, then chances are you're a desperate and delusional romantic. Those rarely make good mates, amirite?

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It drives me crazy when a guy in a movie chases a girl that is a total bitch to him.

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False. The chase is often the most exciting part of a relationship.

A chase for a boost in self-worth is just tacky and selfish.

A chase where the guy/girl shows that they are serious about this is very exciting. For a few months after the catch, the chaser still feels awesome but that adrenaline usually subsides.

As for being straightforward, that's certainly one way to go about it. I mean, animals court potential partners in very subtle of very blunt ways, so no single method suits everyone.

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