It's annoying when people who aren't good looking have high standards when it comes to dating, amirite?

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I'm sure there's an argument that can be made about how "everyone is entitled to desire someone of high caliber" but personally, unattractive people (in the looks and personality department) annoy me if they have high standards.

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Well, they have the right to choose who they date, but having high standards is like saying they, as a short, fat, bald man with a giant nose, has a shot with someone like Becki Newton (Quinn form HIMYM).

The point is mostly that it looks they think they're so good looking (see my comment above) but aren't.

Personally I have no issue if they have high standards or not as long as they don't turn down the nice, also 'unattractive' guy/girl because they're chading after a suposedly 'attractive' person and then complain that no one likes them.

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@Kazzie Personally I have no issue if they have high standards or not as long as they don't turn down the nice, also...

The latter was what I was referring to.

I'm a pretty ugly guy. So I have pretty low standards. When they turn me down and chase the "more attractive" guys, that's what pisses me off.

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Why? Just because you don't find them attractive, they don't deserve to be with someone that makes them happy? I don't understand this logic.

I'm surprised this has such a positive score. So what if unattractive people want to be with someone who they like? And why would it annoy you?

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Good looking means handsome/pretty to most people. I think you'd agree that morbidly obese people are not attractive, but there must be someone somewhere, like maybe Tonga, who likes that, but they are still unattractive.

Not exactly. If that's what will make them happy, so be it.

No, because I'm not trying to date those people.

It's annoying when anybody has high standards.

When you say "high standards" do you mean attractiveness or personality?

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