It is acceptable to still sleep with stuffed animals past age 15, amirite?

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i'm 17 and still sleep with my teddy bear
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@ilikefurrywolves4815 i'm 17 and still sleep with my teddy bear

We covered this on another post a while ago. I'm still an 18 year old boy and I still like to sleep with my stuffed dog, except now I can't anymore because I'm in college and I didn't want to bring him with because I didn't want to make all my other stuffed animals jealous.

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I sleep with a stuffed animal because I like to grip things in my sleep and without one about half the time I'll wake up embracing my pillow with a stiff neck from sleeping without it.

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I sleep with my stuffed elephant but only because I discovered that it provides excellent support for my shoulder which hurts like a bitch in the mornings otherwise.

I'm 18 and I still sleep with teddy bears and a night light.
Well, I guess the whole "night light" thing is a bit over the top, but it's true...

I'm a snuggler. I have to have something to cuddle at night, so of course I have a ton of stuffed animals.

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I like to sleep with a stuffed bat that my best friend gave to me

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