It's interesting how when a girl cries over a guy, she's being just another chick; yet when a guy cries over a girl... people call it true love. It's as if a girl's definition of love is valued less compared to a guy's, Amirite?

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it's just because girls tend to show their emotion more than guys. So if a guy is crying over her, its more unusual and so people think more of it. Not saying its right or wrong, just fact. :)

It's not about the definition of love, it's about the motive for tears.

Guys hardly ever cry (I think?) so when they do it's a big deal. Girls sometimes cry about a bad hair day so...

Guys tend to put much more effort than girls into hiding their emotions, so when their emotions are so strong that they can't hide them, it's a big deal.

just because its more socially acceptable for girls to show their feelings doesnt mean those feelings shudnt be taken as seriously as a guys...

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Let me put it this way. Have you ever heard that if you swear alot, it makes less of an impact when you actually do curse? Same exact concept. A stereotype is females tend to cry at EVERYTHING, so it makes less of an impact when they still do. Even if there is a girl who rarely cries, the stereotype unfortunately makes people think that she's just being a normal girl. That make sense?


I Don't follow stereotypes. Not to show I'm high or mighty, no. So because other girls cry, tears for true love means nothing? Doesn't that just sound completely ridiculous? "Ah, girl... because other girls cry about everything, you crying over a dude means nothing. OH wait, you really DO love him? Still. Stereotyped."

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still, because of the fact a girl sobbing over missing the bus is so common, yet a guy showing emotion under any circumstance is so rare...it makes way more of an impact. I curse too much...so when i actually curse out of anger, it doesnt make an impact. Even if you personally don't cry much, its an unfortunate stereotype that people have about your gender


Personally, as a guy, I think that girls need more credit. Where guys are normally credited with wanting only empty sex and using girls, girls look for true love and whatnot. So, douloureux, that is why.

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Unless she's a big girl. After all, big girls don't cry.

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Yeah well when a guy cries he's also called a faggot and pussy and is socially outcasted causing men to have higher suicide rates than women because it's so socially unacceptable for men to show feelings.

Well, Girls cry about everything. They're usually much more eager to be "in love" because thats something they always dream about.

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