Since there have been several mass extinctions in the past 500 million years, it would be perfectly natural if mankind caused another one, amirite?

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"perfectly natural"
caused by man.

@Statefarm "perfectly natural" caused by man.

Technically, everything's natural.

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Or be perfectly natural if mankind were that mass extinction.

If we cause it then it isn't exactly natural.

It would be natural, but that doesn't mean that it would be right. Just because something's natural doesn't mean that it's justified.

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It seems that while most of us accept evolution as fact, we still have trouble seeing ourselves as being part if. We ARE part of nature.... but yes, I am not promoting a man-made mass extinction.

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The volcano in Yellowstone is supposed to erupt any day now, and when it does it will spew out enough ash to cover the earth and block out the sun. This will make the earth go through major ice age. Plus, it will be hard to breathe. This a natural way that can cause mass extinction.

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