It's incredibly awkward and disappointing when you flirt with someone you assume to be your peer because they look and act it, and then you find out they're years younger than you. amirite?

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Haha, funny story:

Once, when I was at a party, my friend introduced me to this guy who looked like he was maybe twenty or so. I'm 17, but I look about 12 or 13. Neither of us cared though, and we just started hanging out like somewhat flirty friends. So this whole time we both assumed that he was older, but then our mutual friend said something about how I was the oldest one at the party, and then I found out he was 14. XD

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It can go the other direction, too :/ There was a chick who I thought was my age and she turned out to be 33, wtf

I once flirted with this guy who I was SURE was the older brother of this cute little kid that went to my drama club a couple of years ago...turns out puberty had hit him like a train, a very attractive train

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