These are the three steps of a woman changing a flat; 1. Stare blankly at spare tyre for ten minutes. 2. Check glove box for half eaten packet of Doritos. 3. Call Dad, amirite?

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Tyre? wary smilie

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Why does it have to be a woman?

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What makes the joke amusing is that it's surprisingly accurate for a surprising amount of women. That doesn't make them inferior, but it's a funny realization. Equally a similar joke about men that's equally amusing and insulting should be equally welcomed by the men who enjoyed this post. Sexism isn't funny, humor is.


Can't take a joke can we?

I know a lot of girls that can change tires, not including myself though.

Nailed it

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I get that it's sexist but it's still pretty funny. I know how to change a tire now but this behavior was spot on for me when i didn't a few years ago, which is pretty hilarious.

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I'd downvote this but that's probably what i'd do

Haha, true for me. I could probably do it if someone talked me through it though.

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