You want to slap some sense into people on the Internet who ask really obvious questions that could simply be answered with a quick Google search, amirite?

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I've thought this for a long time, but I was a little hesitant to post this at first because I thought it would label me as a bitch. But I'm completely serious.

"Who wrote Into the Wild?" "Which movies did Tom Hanks star in?" "What the hell is Rotten Tomatoes?"

Just stuff like that basically. y smilie

Basically most of yahoo answers.

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I can understand people asking questions like that in normal conversation, but it's people who ask these things online that bother me. Anyone can open another tab and type in the same exact question and get an instant answer.

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I talk to people and everytime I don't don't something, I google it, so I seem knowledgeable about the topic smirk smilie

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Sometimes that's a good way of starting a conversation.

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