If users started doing things like shoutouts, "if you YYA all my posts I'll do the same for you!" and "follow me I follow back!", you would be really dissapointed in this site and not like it much anymore, amirite?

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I don't so much mind the "Follow back" thing, so long as it's not heavily advertised, but bargaining your stance on posts just for a higher score on average would bother me.

And I just might abandon the internet if I see a post that says, "YYA if you think this cancer patient is beautiful!"

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The same would go for "anger NW's". If you disagree with someone and to get you back they disagree with everything you say, just to bring your NW's up. :/ That would suck.

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I once voted up every comment someone made because he made a comment about wanting his comment score to go off. He did it back to me even though I had a few hundred more than him. It was nice.

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I don't think I'm following anyone. Does following someone actually do anything? d smilie

Don't give anyone ideas D:

I dislike when people follow me because I followed them, it's so insincere. Sure sometimes it makes sense, "Hey! He followed me, maybe we have the same sort of ideas, I'll check out his posts and drop some votes, maybe suggest a few things to the homepage and favorite even."
But then there is "Oh! I better follow him back so I look good. cool smilie"

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@Len I dislike when people follow me because I followed them, it's so insincere. Sure sometimes it makes sense, "Hey! He...

I rarely ever follow back but I'll look at your profile if you do follow me so I might just be like, "You seem cool. Follow that."
I saw someone on here who would follow back when it was still called friending them but then they stopped when it became following.

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More than i already am...?

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My brain stopped on the word 'follow' and ended up staring at it until it didn't look like a word anymore...

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have you ever seen two people try to follow each other in real life? it is rather awkward indeed.

Follow me I follow back!

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