The way the sound effects of old-school radio dramas were made are pretty creative; Punching a person - punching a cabbage, stabbing someone - stabbing the same cabbage (or perhaps a melon -- clearly not hippies), rain - frying bacon, a fire suddenly igniting - speedily opening an umbrella... amirite?

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I don't get the hippie part wary smilie

@Infinity I don't get the hippie part

I think they were going for
"yeeaaaa, it was a veggie. We wouldn't kill an innocent hippie to make that sound effect. Course not."

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I figured its because hippies wouldnt hurt vegetables.... lol

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@Frank_n_Furter But they eat them.

I can picture a hippie eating a fruit, but i cant really picture them stabbing it with a knife countless times for no apparent reason, foam at the mouth, phsycotic style, you know? haha :D

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I never knew any of this.

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