It's really depressing when you haven't done anything extremely exciting over the summer and then your friends are like "I just got back from a month in Europe!". It's even worse when the same situation happens year after year. amirite?

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Other kids: "I went swimming with the dolphins in Costa Rica!"
Me: "I... did nothing... except sleep..."

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I remember freshman year my bio teacher asked, and literally everyone said, "I went down the shore." everyone


I feel your pain. Most kids in my school live a very well-off life (and good for them). I can't afford luxurious tropical vacations, so I always feel lame when teachers ask the "what did you do this summer?" question.

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I played copius amounts of mafia on the amirite forums.

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What will really be depressing is how everyone will be talking about their amazingly extravagant summer on the first day of school and I'll just be like "My brother died. I didn't have a good summer." Hopefully the teachers at my school know in advance not to ask me "How was your summer??" so I won't have to repeat myself over and over again. (Yes, my brother died on July 28th) -_- no I'm not asking for sympathy in any way, just that thought came to my mind when I read this post.

yeah. that happens to me all the time! I just try to think of the most exciting thing that I did, even if it is not that exciting

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I've gotten used to it over the years. -_-

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