The Sheikh of Dubai built a stadium especially for the wedding event of his son, and the marriage cost 100 million dollars. There are millions of starving people across the world. Sometimes the world just doesnt make sense, amirite?

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I live in Dubai, and I love it more than anywhere. It's amazing in every way. But the locals have way to much money, it's very capitalist based, and the society and way of living is really hedonistic and somewhat pathetic. Anyway, haaha thought I'd share that

MFW I hear shit like this,

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Well, I mean he has every right to spend his money on whatever he wants, but yeah, it would have done more if it was donated. Still, it's not like the money just disappeared. It went to the wedding planners etc and stimulated the economy. Ideally, people keep doing this until people are really rich, and donate a whole bunch of money at once. unfortunately, this will almost lead to that, but there won't be a giant donation at the end...

A donation of a billion dollars lump sum will do more good than a thousand donations of a million dollars over a thousand months because people can invest without using it all immediately to live day to day. Same concept as using overdraft leads to faster growth.

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