People usually leave high school with a general knowledge of book smarts. That being good and all, schools should put more of an emphasis on preparing students for college and life after high school. Social skills, like, learning how to have respect for people and how to handle tough situations, etc. Parents obviously aren't teaching their kids these things, amirite?

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You learn this by being at public school for 12 years socializing with strangers you have to get along with in a controlled setting...

Not all lessons are taught. That's really something you learn on your own from firsthand experience. There's no easy way out of this one, you can't depend on other people to tell you how you wish to exist and present yourself to the world.

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Just because parents are failing to teach kids some stuff doesn't mean they should be taught it in school.

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You do learn that in high school (well, public school anyway). It may not be a class but it's something you gain experience with being surrounded by people you have to learn how to get along with

My high school did have classes that tried to teach you how to be a good person, have respect for people, and cope with tough situations... nobody learnt anything from them because they're not things that can be taught out of a textbook by a teacher who's at a different place in their life. They're things you learn through experience.

In my school (I don't know about other schools), we had wellness and health classes where they would try and teach us things like that. Everyone would just make fun of it, because it's not the kind of thing you can learn from a class

Public schools do teach that. They just do a really shitty job.

Let's be original and make another post about how bad we think the education system is!

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