It would be funny to have your user name as 'A Pack Of Wolves' then start following everyone on here, amirite?

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I believe my pack is more.. menacing.
Note: We can travel over land.

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Odd that the poster right below this on the homepage is "APackOfBiggerWolves". I think you've been beat.

HAHAHA that's brilliant

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@alittleannoyed HAHAHA that's brilliant

It's hard to believe that you think that. You look a little annoyed.

What an original idea.

@apackofwolves What an original idea.

It was a joke. Good job. Good good good job.

@apackofwolves What an original idea.

I didn't mean to comment twice. Also, it's a chant thing. It's like /good/ job. (and three quick "good"s followed by job) /good/ job! good good good job.


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@Fred_Weasley GUYS I FEEL SPECIAL http://ctrlv.in/112322

He just joined and started following everybody.. Me too.

It would be even funnier if they started following the user "LittleRed".

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It would be better if I was following you

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