Although Australia's idea of banning cigarettes to anyone born after 2000 is a good idea in theory, it would be disastrous with the black market and all, amirite?

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Prohibition part two let's do it

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According to the idea (and no further research done), when everyone born before 2000 dies, cigarettes will stop being sold because there will be nobody to legally sell them to (which leaves black market sales like OP mentioned). I don't know for sure, but I assume cigarettes are taxed in Australia. Once the government begins to notice the lack of tax revenue the ban will be uplifted or changed. On the other hand, it could be so incremental over time that nobody notices or cares.

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I agree with ActionMan; I'd like to see how it would turn out.


What are you talking about? Most of the world is already a guinea pig and it's been proven trillions of times that banning things does not work.

I'm a little confused.
Is this is a way to keep people who were born after the year 2000 from buying cigarettes forever?

I had to no way this one. I understand the black market thing, but I think young people who didn't grow up around it being prevalent would go that out of their way. Sure, lots of people would use the black market, but I think it'd still be less than if it were legal.

It would probably work since people that young aren't already addicted.

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@It would probably work since people that young aren't already addicted.

And young people in public schools are being well-educated on the dangers of tobacco.

I'm Australian and I've never heard about this. The big smoking controversy at the moment is plain packaging.

Don't know much about Australian laws and such but isn't that against an Australian's civil rights?

It's not even a good idea in theory. The government has no business trying to save people from themselves. Let people do what they want. Obviously this doesn't mean that there shouldn't be laws regarding where you can smoke, so as to limit the amount of secondhand smoke that others are exposed to. But banning cigarettes altogether is not a good idea, in theory or in practice.

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facepalm There would be a minimum age limit of 18 for people born before 2000, but people born after would never be allowed to buy cigarettes at any age.

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