Single people: If a moderately to very attractive really close friend of the opposite sex offered to become friends with benefits, you'd take it, amirite?

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Too bad I'm gay whoops

I'm abstaining, so no. Also, you should have addressed this to straight people, because apparently, someone took the post too literally, instead of in the spirit in which it was meant.

I totally thought this said singing people and wondered for a while why vocal talent had anything to do with sex. I should probably got to sleep.

If I were single I'd probably take up the offer so long as I'm not interested in dating them. If I was interested in dating them I'd of course bring that up and such.

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I find that kind of offer to be strange.. It is just nicer if those kind of things just happen and they're left unsaid.

Nahh, wouldn't want to ruin the friendship. Maybe with someone I wasn't that close to.

I would for kissing and making out. But that's just because I get physically lonely

Only if it's nothing more than making out. I've had a friend like that before.

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