It's wrong for parents to hide from their child the fact that they're adopted. amirite?

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I don't think the child needs to know that their parents were adopted, but it couldn't hurt.

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It depends. If the birth parents explicitly said they never wanted contact with the child (in cases where the birth parents were still alive, of course), it may be best to keep the child in the dark because knowing might make them want to find their biological parents.
But if the parents passed away and that's why the child was adopted or if the biological parents are okay with the child trying to find them someday, I think the kid should know.

I agree. Maybe they should wait til the child is old enough to understand, but there are cases when they made need to know.

For starters, if you don't know your biological parents, everyone you date could be your half siblings. There may be genetic diseases that your parents have you the genes for. What happens if instead of telling the kid when's he's 12 or something, they never tell him, and then when he's 26 he gets a knock on the door from a woman saying shes his sister and she's been trying to find him for years?

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Sometimes ignorance is bliss... If their new parents love and care for them, its likely that telling them they're adopted will just strain their relationship with their adoptive family, and cause them mental distress.

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