It really annoys you when people misuse the word "literally", amirite?

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It literally drives me up the wall. http://ctrlv.in/112451

It literally sets my soul on fire.

Turtles avatar Turtle Yeah You Are +19Reply

I could literally punch people in the face each time this happens.

MusicIsAGifts avatar MusicIsAGift Yeah You Are +16Reply

I literally wet myself.. oh wait

MungJumpers avatar MungJumper Yeah You Are +14Reply

I get figuratively mad!

remags avatar remag Yeah You Are +13Reply

I'm literally not the only person who had the idea of making a smart ass "literally" comment (ashamed)

Literally the most annoying thing ever.

Ikr! It literally annoys the shit out of me.

the word literally sounds funny now

justsupers avatar justsuper Yeah You Are +5Reply

It literally makes me wanna kill my family

@DoctorWhat It literally makes me wanna kill my family

And this is where the chain goes a bit far

Anonymous +14Reply

There is literally nothing worse than realizing everyone else had the same "brilliant" idea as you. I'm literally crying a river of shame right now.

ToastedStews avatar ToastedStew Yeah You Are +2Reply

That literally made me laugh my ass off!

SuperSukhs avatar SuperSukh Yeah You Are 0Reply

It literally destroys me.

I was gonna make a joke that misuses literally but I can see I was literally beat by other people.

Fred_Weasleys avatar Fred_Weasley Yeah You Are 0Reply

For some reason I started saying it ALL the time. And my sister literally makes fun of me every time. ;D But seriously, I say it way too often.

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