It seems like most of the time we dip healthy foods in unhealthy things, or vice versa, amirite?

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Carrots and ranch
Cherries and chocolate
Strawberries and chocolate
Everything and chocolate

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Peabut butter is protein though. Sure it's fattening but it keeps you full longer and helps build muscle.

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Well it depends. If it's actually just peanuts and salt then it's not that bad for you, but if it's like Jif with a bunch of sugar and other crap...

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Pretzels and nutella is a personal favorite.
Popcorn and chocolate/butter/caramel (okay drizzling is technically not dipping but whatever)
And I used to dip Goldfish in yogurt. It sounds gross but it's actually really good.

Apples in caramel goo smilie

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