Grinding babies into dust does not make baby powder, amirite?

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of course not that would make baby dust you have to grind them to a nice powder cant be too fine cant be too coarse

Now you tell me. d smilie

At first I thought grinding like dancing and I was like lolwut smilie

KirstenAnns avatar KirstenAnn Yeah You Are +21Reply

I guess I'll just return all these babies I adopted...

WinniethePoohs avatar WinniethePooh Yeah You Are +7Reply

I've been doing it wrong for years.

How do you know though?

My life has been a complete lie hmm smilie

cherryblasters avatar cherryblaster Yeah You Are +2Reply

Every comment on this post is golden. (Except this one)

It would make baby purée

Blucatts avatar Blucatt Yeah You Are +1Reply
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