A great way to get out of taking a big test is to make a bomb threat. That way you have an extra day or two to study and everybody's happy. Well technically only you are happy since you just terrified all the school's students and their families and the local community, but that's not important, amirite?

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"Damn I'm gonna bomb this test"

About six years ago my junior high went nuts over something like that. Someone wrote out a bomb threat as a prank, then decided not to go through with it, drew a large X through it, crumpled it up, and threw it into the bathroom trashcan. Someone else noticed the paper had writing on it and fished it out because they were curious, then took it to the principal. They yanked everyone out of class and marched us three blocks away to a movie theater, where they stopped the movies and kicked out all the patrons to make room for us while the police crawled all over our school.
Unsurprisingly, they didn't find anything.

happened at my school, but it was an accident. A lot of kids were locked in the gym for a few hours while they investigated while the rest of us went home. When we found out it was a fluke we were pretty happy since we got the day off. And now that day is student-proclaimed holiday for our school :P

This is actually a pretty common occurrence in my school, or at least it was back in 8th grade. The middle and high school are attached, so whenever something happened at the high school we had to evacuate too. There were bomb threats and lock downs galore, and we all just thought is was great that we didn't have to learn for a little while.

Somebody has been watching Everybody Hates Chris :P

And when you get caught, I'm sure your cell mate will hold up the flash cards for you.

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Happened at my school, too. Two kids were dared to do it. For the rest of us it was pretty entertaining; none of us took is seriously and they brought us to our old middle school down the street. They found out who did it though. At least one of them ended up in jail, so no I wouldn't try it

It's REALLY REALLY freaky that you thought about this 24 days ago when just last week, the EXACT thing happened at University of Texas at Austin and I believe North Dakota State University...although I don't think they came to a conclusion about whether the threat was real or fake.

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