My doctor told me my cancer was heartburn. Good thing I got a second opinion, amirite?

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I don't have it anymore. I had surgery on new years eve to remove it. They took two thirds of my pancreas, my gallbladder & had to patch my spleen, but i'm cancer free :) but thank you!

I'm so sorry to hear that you have cancer! I sincerely hope you get well soon.

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I'm really REALLY glad to hear that! It must have been so scary.

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Well, I actually had to get about six opinions & like a million MRIs before my lovely surgeon decided it was time for surgery.

Oh wow. I will pray for you!

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Well, I can live without it, but i'll be on insulin shots for the rest of my life, and i'm only 19. So hopefully if they have to take it I can get a transplant.

What an idiot! It's great that they finally found it.

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You're in my prayers, honey. :)
Happy Holidays :)

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Yeah, it's also kinda scary that I have a new tumor on what's left of my pancreas. But they don't know if this one is cancerous or not.

Oh goodness! It was good call to get a second opinion on that!

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Gosh, that's terrible. What happens if it is? Do you get a transplant?

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Thanks! You too :)

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