If you had to pick between being super gorgeous or having a super gorgeous boyfriend/girlfriend, you'd choose the first; amirite?

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I'd choose the hot girlfriend because if you're ugly and have a hot gf, people will either think you're rich or you have a massive penis. And I'm not rich hello smilie

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This is kind of a no-brainer. If you're gorgeous, you'll be able to get an equally gorgeous boyfriend anyway, so why pick the other option? It's like saying do you want me to shoot you in the head or make you French toast? erm.....

On the flip side though, being gorgeous has its pressures too. Maintaining it takes a lot of work. I got really think and was looking HOTTTT, but after about 2 years I couldn't keep it up and now I'm a total biffer again.hahaha

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How is there -1 no ways?

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@plano98 How is there -1 no ways?

That's cause this post is just too awesome :D lol k jk I have no clue why :p

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Here's why I think so, I was going to add it in the post but I decided not to in the end: I'd rather be confident with my looks and know I can attract anyone than be constantly worried that my boyfriend is way too good for me.

Now I already am confident with my looks, except for maybe a few stuff I'd like to change in me, and of course I'd love to have a hot boyfriend and I wouldn't exactly be that worried since I'd know he loves me for who I am; buttttt cause by super gorgeous I mean like one of those really really REALLY gorgeous people; y'knowwww.

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Idk if it's just me, but I feel like there's a difference between celebrity pretty and normal people pretty; like you may look at a celebrity and be like "meh he's okay" but if he was some random dude you just saw on the street, you'd probably think he's hot.

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GolfWang who are they?


Oh HAAHAHHA omg fail I feel so stupid now xD

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O_o lol! I thought 'her picks probably won't be that bad' boy was I wrong. No offense though :) What about Tyler hehe smilie also Sean isn't so bad when he has all of his teeth :p

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@GolfWang I didn't know any of the guys you mentioned so I googled them. Yeah you're right, they are kinda ugly :3 Except for Sean Couturier, he's actually cute except for the picture of him without teeth. Ouch, what happened to him? D:

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Ohhh ouch that must've hurt, poor thing. Is fighter like some sort of position or rank in hockey or something? :p I know nothing about hockey lol fail

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Tyler is cute...kind of :p all my friends think I'm weird but I don't care.
About Sean: short hair y smilie though I like the long hair too. And the beard!

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This just proves that we care more about how we look than how other people look.
On the flip side, no one really cares how we look but us.

is this assuming that the former would not result in the latter?

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