It really sucks when your father has lost so much faith in you, he blocks everything from "social networking" to "media uploader" on the internet (EX: FML, YouTube, Etc). Amirite?

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omg that happened to me D:< i was sooo pissed. use pr0xiess

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he probably did that because you caused it

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@Lazynez Gee, you THINK?

wow, you're a dick.

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@wow, you're a dick.

How? Everyone INFERRED I caused it. Why else would he A) Lose Faith in me and B) Block half the internet? Because he is just an idiot? No, he isn't. If you would actually take the time, you could TELL I caused it. And way to call me a dick while you are anonymous.

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No. I lost his trust. Simple as that.

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