For some reason, road trips feel longer on the way to your destination and shorter on the way back home. Amirite?

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There's actually a scientific explanation for this apparently.

@JustinSane There's actually a scientific explanation for this...

Well yeah, but I would have thought it would have been a picture of a person or something instead. Meh.

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@JustinSane There's actually a scientific explanation for this...

Hmm... That makes sense, but I always thought of it like this:

On the way there, your mind sees all sorts of new stuff, and stores every (or almost every) second of your journey, so a 7200 second (two hour) journey will feel like maybe 7000 seconds. But on the way back, you see the same stuff, and your mind is like, "seen it, throw away" and your 7200 second journey only feels like 4000 seconds because that's all you remember.

It's the same as when you're sleeping, the eight hours feel like maybe two when you wake up, because you only remember two hours of dreams.

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