You can't look at Clint Eastwood the same anymore, amirite?

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Am I missing something..?

@Annajoy97 Am I missing something..?

Go to 00:40 for the end of the cheering.

Fred_Weasleys avatar Fred_Weasley Yeah You Are 0Reply

Nope. He still seems pretty badass to me.

I feel bad for him...... :(

Anonymous +3Reply

But he can look at Obama any time he wants

tags avatar tag Yeah You Are +2Reply

I don't know, the entire thing just lacked class. I honestly expected better from him. Instead, he just attacked Obama with immature jokes, instead of attacking his policies.

cherryblasters avatar cherryblaster Yeah You Are 0Reply

"I never thought it was a good idea for attorneys to become president, they all about arguing and weighing both side. I think it's time for a bussinessman.." lolwut? He's against weighing both sides?

I thought it was pretty dang funny! I liked how it was totally unscripted and different. Even if it was incredibly weird; to the point where I now think he's crazy.

eh, it wasn't that bad. I mean, it wasn't great but it's not like it's completely changed my opinion of him.

He was just so dumb and had no idea what he was talking about. It really seemed like he went to crazy old man route :(

HopeImrites avatar HopeImrite Yeah You Are -1Reply

There's a conspiracy flying around that he basically intended to troll the entire convention. It apparently seemed like he was subliminally bashing Romney and promoting Obama. Ex: He bashed Obama for not bringing troops home sooner, but Romney is against bringing them back. I didn't hear the whole speech so I don't know anything else.

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