It doesn't make sense that it is OK in today's culture to make jokes about prison rape, whereas joking about any other type of rape is regarded as horrible and taboo. Prison rape is just as awful and traumatizing and should not be joked about, amirite?

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I personally make some pretty offensive jokes. I see rape as a taboo subject that even I avoid for the most part, but thats not the point of the post is.
The point is there are many people, tv shows, videos, movies, radio personalities, etc. that would NEVER joke about male-on-female rape, but would make prison rape jokes left and right. THAT is what i meant by this.

I guess I kinda ruined the point of the post by adding "...and should not be joked about"

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Ok, i just was watching PLL and I thought of a PERFECT example of this.

I will try and describe it without spoilers.

The main characters are trying to get a male character sent to jail because they suspect him of killing their friend. One girl says "i know what they do to guys like him in prison, and that makes me feel a lot better"

how much hell would be raised if they said such a thing about a female character?

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