Telling someone "other people have it worse" when they're sad is basically the same as telling someone "other people have it better" when they're happy. amirite?

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Yup, my parents run a non-profit so I get this alot.
me:"I failed my AP test and might not get into my choice college."
mom: "Aww, but look on the bright side; at least you aren't a starving child in Haiti."

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That's so true. I hate it when people say "other people have it worse". Everyone has problems, and even if they aren't that big compared to others, that doesn't mean that you can't still be upset about it

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This is just like one of my comments reworded as a post. wary smilie

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When I'm sad, thinking how much worse it could be makes me feel grateful for what I've got and cheers me up a little, whereas when I'm happy, it's great that other people are happier, but it doesn't make me feel worse about my own life - if I'm happy, I'm happy, it's great.

But happiness and sadness are completely opposite ends of the spectrum, so it's not really the same. That's like comparing light and dark, etc.

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