When you see a guy who just had his hair cut short you just have the urge to go up and pet it, amirite?

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I like petting guys hello smilie

I pet a lot of people's hair wary smilie

I clicked the comment thing expecting to see perverted jokes, what a let down.

Yeah that happened to me once. Then my friend started rubbing my head and she backed off and that ruined everything. Fuck you, Thomas.

Gonna be honest, that's a bit frightening.

@Francois Gonna be honest, that's a bit frightening.

Sorry, I just think it's funny because that's how my friend met her boyfriend/fiancee.

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@Francois Gonna be honest, that's a bit frightening.

Hahahaha that'll make one hell of a story later on

@Francois Gonna be honest, that's a bit frightening.

So as she would put it since I don't remember this: "We had math class together as freshmen and our teacher liked to assign and rearrange seats at her own discretion. At one point, about midway through first quarter, she paired us together, and a little while into the class I felt something hit my shoulder and I looked over to find this strange girl asleep on my shoulder. She let out the tiniest little snore and I didn't have the heart to wake her up so I let her sleep on my shoulder until the end of class."

So there is no confusion, I was the one who was asleep, and I still object when anyones says I snore but I knew that if I hadn't put that in the story than she would have, so ha, beat you to it

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Yeah, you should. curious

Being a guy who has, at various times, had his hair cut short, this is true.

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