One of the hardest things for a teenage girl is to admit to her parents that she once went to another state with some fat cheeked Mexican guy called Pedro where they accidentally got lost in some corn field, the weather being damn cold they had to have sex so as to survive while some pretty sick fuckers were busy drawing crop circles around them, that their trip ended when they had a near death experience after smoking some shit that looked like bone powder and now she's 8 months pregnant, amirite?

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is this a reference to something?

MusicIsAGifts avatar MusicIsAGift Yeah You Are +34Reply
@MusicIsAGift is this a reference to something?

It sounds like a Seth Rogen movie.

KatieKaties avatar KatieKatie Yeah You Are +9Reply
@MusicIsAGift is this a reference to something?

No, just wanted to make a little fun of how some teenagers handle their problems.

Iwannafingeryous avatar Iwannafingeryou Yeah You Are +4Reply

This has happened with every Pedro that ever said hola to me.

Anonymous +32Reply

Gosh, I thought I was the only one!

sounds like my typical Friday night what about you guys?

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nah man. Friday. you gotta have the weekend to recover from that shit. you do it on a Saturday and you only have like half of Sunday ya know

@th3don sounds like my typical Friday night what about you guys?

Nah Sundays because then you're busy skipping school on Monday.

KirstenAnns avatar KirstenAnn Yeah You Are +4Reply

I'm voting this for POTD because of sheer wat.

Brettward95s avatar Brettward95 Yeah You Are +4Reply

Remember that one time your parents were fighting about "Pedro"? Now you know what it was all about...

That's almost like the first book in the numbers trilogy except his name was Spider and he was black. I shit you not.

Anonymous 0Reply

Mainly because it's too hard to remember all of it.

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