Somewhere in a parallel universe, African parents are telling their children to eat their bread crusts and 'think about the children in America', amirite?

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I don't really understand why this is negative... Maybe I have the wrong understanding of parallel universes? Can someone who downvoted explain?

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If there really are infinite universes, then anything you could possibly think of is happening. Not possibly happening, but actually happening. There is a world in a universe somewhere where they build houses out of edible cookies and remake the walls every other week!

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Theres probably a universe where people eat sharks...o wait.

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This doesn't make any sense

@Kristen This doesn't make any sense

O I guess it does I just read it wrong but I still don't agree with it

It's more like, "If there's anything you don't want, we can give it to the man/woman/kids on the street".

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