When you were a little kid you took commercials literally. For example, if you drank Capri Sun you thought you'd turn into a fast flying humanoid silver guy or if you ate gushers you thought your head would turn into a fruit, amirite?

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Well fuck me sideways. I was one stupid kid.

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This sounds lame but I thought that when you opened pillsbury dough that little guy would pop out.

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I genuinely believed that Red Bull was a scientific breakthrough and I was pretty amazed they were selling it off the shelf.

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No, but I did think that if I ate too many green bean seeds an actually green bean plant would grow inside me.

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My brother was legitimately afraid to eat Gushers, and that's why my mom refused to buy them when I was little. I didn't learn that until I was fourteen or fifteen..

I was terrified of gushers.

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@GabsTheGreat I was terrified of gushers.

Yes! When I was 3 my dad bought them and he and my sister ate them and I just busted out in tears and was like "How could you be so dumb, havn't you seen the commercials?!"

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@GabsTheGreat I was terrified of gushers.

Me, too. In kindergarten, I cried when I saw my best friend eating gushers. I didn't even touch gushers until the 4th grade.

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I wished so hard. My brother and I would always pretend our heads were fruits when we ate gushers.

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