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That thing you said with the centimeter is myth designed to play with naive heartstrings. In case you didn't know, the Earth's orbit is elliptical, meaning we're not always at the same distance away from the sun. Our distance varies very often, and it's MUCH larger than a mere 1 centimeter.

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Because the conditions that require water are so specific to Earth that it would be practically impossible for it to exist elsewhere.

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It amazes me how many people believe this kind of shit. All it takes is an ounce of common sense to realize "hey, this sounds completely made up and illogical".

There are so many things wrong with this post I can't even

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i looked at the publication date to see if this was writen 100 year ago. but no... "1 month" lol. OMG, they found water on Mars for some time ago.

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First, there is water in space:

Second there is an entire planet outside our solar system covered in water:

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1.there's an enormous body of water in space that's enough to give each person on earth the equivalent of Earth's water 78 times over or something like that
2. I think we would live a centimeter farther or closer to the sun...

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You know that the reason for a lot of water on earth is because of meteorites right? That means that the same thing probably happened else where in the universe you also know that they found water on mars right discover this like 1 month ago or something

okay this is going to turn into a theological debate...i can feel it.
i believe that God created the universe perfectly and it is nearly impossible that all this happened on its own. however, "one centimeter" is an exaggeration, because all the planets shift slightly in their orbits.

@sabachthani okay this is going to turn into a theological debate...i can feel it. i believe that God created the universe...

While I don't believe any god(s) created the universe, thank you for using your brain! Unlike OP. d smilie

@Poetry FYI, God doesn't exist

Let's see some proof for your definite claim. Oh, you have none? Shocking. This is why both sides need to shut the fuck up about "knowing" if there is or not. Neither side can prove it so you just look like a dick if you state either way as fact.

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