Ordinary things like a payphone, a price tag, a horse with no name, and an umbrella have inspired incredible music. Look at something ordinary in your surroundings. That thing could be the subject of the next big hit song. It's fun to think about, amirite?

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You can quit your day job now, you win everything.

My issue with this post is the use of the word incredible.


@Emperorerror "unununextraordinary"

i had "unextraordinarily" and i asked a mod to change it to "ordinarily." apparently they're a troll -.-

Favvkess avatar Favvkes Yeah You Are +3Reply
@Emperorerror "unununextraordinary"

yay! i got it refixed XD

Favvkess avatar Favvkes Yeah You Are +1Reply
@Emperorerror "unununextraordinary"

I think the emphasis is on the "un."

Marys avatar Mary Yeah You Are 0Reply
@Mary @Sergio Ah, the irony

Are you implying somethingd smilie

Sergios avatar Sergio No Way +1Reply

A guy with a scar in his face riding a bike. Id love to hear that one.

Don't forget clocks.

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