Christians: You're not sure how to go about your religion on the internet because you don't want to seem like an ignorant person who is completely opposed to everyone who's beliefs are different than yours, amirite?

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This goes for any religion, and to me as long has you're not shoving your religion down everyone's throat then you can talk about it and use it as reasoning for anything you see fit. I will say that there are people who will do what they can to try and prove that what you believe is wrong...so tread carefully.

@Frostehh This goes for any religion, and to me as long has you're not shoving your religion down everyone's throat then you...

Oh yeah I agree with you. I see it all the time. Sadly there isn't much you can do about it though since pretty much everything you say from that point on will just be taken as something some naive religious person said.

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It's not about being sure for most of us Christians. It's just the sheer amount of negativity that surrounds being a Christian on the internet. You get labelled right from the get go.

I'm a Christian and I'm 100 for gay marriage and abortions. I make it my goal on any website to not shove my opinions or beliefs into anyone's face. I view the Bible in a different way than most traditional Christians and I agree that many Church institutions are corrupt. I never preach to people or judge some one who's an Atheists or any other religion than mine because I know the only thing that differentiates me from them are my religious beliefs. I "believe" in science which means I believe in evolution. I think that the government and the church have no business being together.

I do and think all of this but as soon as I type the sentence "I'm a Christian" I'm labelled as a homophobic idiot with an imaginary friend in the sky.

Also I know Atheists argue that they feel that way all the time in society but I don't think that's any reason to be as closed minded as the religious people they bash.
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Shouldn't we be able to say what we want and people of other religions can not be ignorant and not oppose us because of our beliefs?

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