For some reason, it's really strange being in a room full of people smarter than you. Like when everyone grasps a concept that you don't, but your brain just won't allow you to figure it out no matter how hard you think about it, amirite?

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It's so embarrassing. I just pretend like I understand.

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Sounds like me every day in precalculus..

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That doesn't mean they are smarter than you, it just means they're more geared to understanding that concept. Like yesterday, I was hanging out with two engineering students (seniors) and when it came to solving math riddles, I was beasting. Doesn't make me smarter, just means I'm good with that kind of stuff.

It makes me feel stupid, which in turn makes me frustrated.

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Me in every single maths class. Ever. They just got on with it and I had NO idea what we were doing, and if I did, I forgot it the next lesson.
They didn't realise until my last year of school putting me in the top class every year since I started was a BAD idea. I ended up being allowed to move to the set below, and my friends there were usually all "d'you know what he's going on about, 'cause I have no clue." I was like, "MY PEOPLE!"

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even something like yesterday, I was watching Inception for the first time. My mind just wasn't grasping the plot, but everyone else had already seen it and kind of got it. So I felt stupid

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@Joe_Larson even something like yesterday, I was watching Inception for the first time. My mind just wasn't grasping the plot...

They were just as confused as you when they watched it first. They probably visited Wikipedia after they watched.

I didn't even know the main character's name when I watched it.

I have never had the problem. JK lol but yeah, it's strange.

Old Christine:" says something related to conversation and the like. Says another thing related to conversation and such..."

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