HonestTea should go one step further and make more drinks, but with special abilities. Such as ImmortaliTea, DisabiliTea, FataliTea, or HomosexualiTea, amirite?

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@Scientist Mr. Tea

"I Pi-Tea the fool."

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@Scientist Mr. Tea

I can't even describe how much i love this post and these two comments. Superb jobs, good sirs. You have some impressive comidic abiliTeas.

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They should launch a whole ad campaign centered around their MarketabiliTea.

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I like the originaliTea of this post.

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I would buy a drink just for the name "AmbidexteriTea".

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"Are you having un-natural thoughts? There's a special brew of tea for that." (the Help)

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@"Are you having un-natural thoughts? There's a special brew of tea for that." (the Help)

"I want to be with women as much as you want to be with Jameso. Unless of course, you do."

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CreativiTea, RealiTea, StupidiTea

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That already exists though

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KitTea is a specialTea that they give to cats.

These comments make me feel a lot of hostilitea


Is this from Iron Druid Chronicles? Or am I just a huge nerd?
Seriously though, those books are awesome.

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