Girls: you're jealous of boys who have longer eye lashes than you, amirite?

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Zayn Malik. Like seriously.

I'd trade if I could, these fucking things hit my glasses all the time un smilie.

This annoying guy at my school has insane eyelashes.
I do have a friend who's a girl with the best eye-lashes ever, but I feel like guys have better eyelashes a lot of the time.

My friend's little brother! His eyes are ridiculously feminine and I am jealous.

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I have a bunch of female friends that tell me that I have nice eyelashes. They then proceed to tell me that they're such a waste cause they're on a guy. :(

my brother and my ex boyfriend...

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Paul McCartney

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Boys have longer eyelashes than girls, naturally.

doesn't matter to me, i wear falsies every day. :p

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