You can list more good qualities about yourself than bad, amirite?

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Low self-esteem FTW!

HMDuckys avatar HMDucky No Way +11Reply
@HMDucky Low self-esteem FTW!

I guess she was hoping most people like themselves more than she does.

@HMDucky Low self-esteem FTW!

Self-confidence is a weird subject. For instance, even though I could list way more bad qualities about myself than good, I like myself and consider myself to be pretty confident.

@HMDucky Low self-esteem FTW!

I genuinely thought this was going was going to be positively rated. How sad. frown smilie

jens avatar jen No Way +3Reply
@HMDucky Low self-esteem FTW!

Oh well that's pretty good then! I was curious about people's self esteem levels so maybe this wasn't the best way to phrase it.

jens avatar jen No Way +1Reply
@HMDucky Low self-esteem FTW!

It's possible, but I don't really know. hmm smilie

@HMDucky Low self-esteem FTW!

Right, I was hoping people would think more highly of themselves than I do.

jens avatar jen No Way -1Reply

I think a person's perception of certain traits factors into this too. For example, being vain or arrogant would probably be seen as a bad quality by most people.

But I've been told I'm arrogant/detached/an asshole/etc. more times than I can keep track of, but those things aren't things I view as inherently bad. So in a sense, self-esteem isn't about the number of "good qualities" vs "bad qualities". It's about whether or not you've accepted and embraced yourself for who you are.

LamWins avatar LamWin Yeah You Are +1Reply

I would say quite the contrary, as I can name many bad things about myself, whereas others, such as friends, family, or just people that I know could tell you otherwise. I think it's that we can all find the flaws in ourselves that no one else would think to even look for. We all have a sort of a complex about confidence. The people who can find the flaws in themselves are normally the shy people that you would see sitting around with a smaller group of friends. Introverts you could say. While on the other hand, there are many people who find themselves flawless. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on how the person treats it.
We think we suck, other people don't.

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