Conjoined twins: It seems like oddly specific posts still usually have the average amount of votes, which means no one really cares who the post is aimed at, amirite?

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It really annoys me when people vote on things aimed at someone else,
"Well, they want to know the opinion of girls, but I'd better vote anyway, y'know, just incase."

I don't vote on posts not directed at me, unless it's like, "Guys: You hate when someone pulls you hair." That could totally apply to anyone.

me and my other head agree with this post

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I think she was joking.

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omg I get it now! thanks!!

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I won't lie, I spent some time trying to figure out why this was directed at conjoined twins. But I actually do care, so I might comment on posts like this, but I don't vote. So there q:

Conjoined twins: it sucks that you only have one computer, amirite?

I suppose it's fine if the actual opinion doesn't make a difference, like this one. Conjoined twins won't have a different opinion fro mother people, so it might be okay to vote on this, especially since the direction is a joke, but I still won't.

The real problem comes when you say something addressed to guys about girls or something and some girl votes NW because it's objectification, or just so obviously wrong or something.

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