Everyone's really happy and supportive for a person who decides to quit smoking or stop doing drugs, but shouldn't we be mad that they even started in the first place? amirite?

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I think you're missing the point.

I know this is bad but this girl said on facebook yesterday, "Two days sober <3", and I thought, big fucking deal, I'm 17 years sober <3.

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@iceeselenawiz Two days?! Just...

Well two days can be a lot for some people hmm smilie

maumaus avatar maumau No Way +17Reply
@maumau Well two days can be a lot for some people

Yah, but I'm assuming this girl is around the same age as Anon. No one should be drinking that much, especially at 17. Have fun and do what you like, but seriously, not being able to go without a drink for a few days and then having to make it seem like a big deal is pretty eff'd up.

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@iceeselenawiz Two days?! Just...

First three days are apparently a bitch to go through.

Why is everyone NW'ing this?

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@Blucatt Why is everyone NW'ing this?

Because people have problems and make mistakes, and what kind of asshole would hold on to only that aspect in this particular instance?

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@Blucatt Why is everyone NW'ing this?

I don't understand why this post is worse than the one a few below it. It's phrased more harshly, but has the exact same concept.
We're so fickle.

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