Horror movies that have been made recently are crap. They're focusing more on how it looks than the actual plot. Amirite?

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This could be put to movies in general.

People need to focus both on plot and looks, because a plot may be spectacular, but with poor acting, props, and makeup, it'll fall flat. And with great acting, props, and makeup your movie will look amazing, but without a decent plot it's just beautiful people and aesthetically pleasing objects just sitting there and being stupid.

So people tend to focus more on one than the other. And that's just dumb.

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I think Shutter Island had a really good plot. Although it can't really be specified as a horror, but a thriller, I still agree. I mean, try taking a look at IMDB's top horror movies list. Most of them aren't even from this decade.

I thought the posession was good. The story was really good most of the time and the sounds at the end sounded scary. I didn't see the screen at that part, but i heard it

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