It's extremely irritating when someone tells you that you need a boyfriend/girlfriend, amirite?

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Yeah it's like I'll just go and pick one up somewhere.

Pugs avatar Pug Yeah You Are +22Reply
@Pug Yeah it's like I'll just go and pick one up somewhere.

I think they sell them at Wal Mart. Pretty cheap too.

@Sun Better variety on eBay

You can return stuff on Amazon, so if it's defected, you can always get your money back.

budgerigar42s avatar budgerigar42 Yeah You Are -1Reply

Especially when it's your mom...

iceeselenawizs avatar iceeselenawiz Yeah You Are +5Reply

When I was 15 my sister's 10 or so year old friend told me that. Of course, til this very day I have not had a love so great as the ones she had :'(

mashs avatar mash Yeah You Are +5Reply

Just today my friend told me that I should start dating someone. Like I can just go to a random guy and be like "Hey, I like your face. Let's go out." Life just doesn't work that way.

MissAwesomenesss avatar MissAwesomeness Yeah You Are +4Reply

I had to hear that for 5 years from my father leading up to my current relationship. ono smilie It was so fucking annoying.

Lens avatar Len Yeah You Are 0Reply

And I'm like, 'I do not choose to be single'

cookiedoughs avatar cookiedough Yeah You Are 0Reply

My aunt was getting on my case about this before, and finally, after I told her all the boys at my school were idiots and I could hardly even hold an intelligent conversation with them, let alone tolerate a date with any of them, she asked me, "You do like boys, don't you?" To which I replied, "No, I think they're ICKY." And stormed off to my room. She hasn't bugged me about it since.

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