Your first kiss wasn't how you wanted it to be. Amirite?

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She turned away and I kissed her nose... -.-

Lkuns avatar Lkun Yeah You Are +9Reply

IT WAS GROSS IT FELT LIKE HE WAS EATING MY FACE but he got better eventually

I am an 18 year old Gentleman and I have yet to experience my first kiss, but I feel confident that it will be enjoyable for all parties involved.

It was more gross than awkward. The movies don't show that it will feel like there's a slug in your mouth, but I've grown to really enjoy making out.

Deathelfs avatar Deathelf Yeah You Are +7Reply

I was at a concert and the drummer of the band invited me backstage for drinks, then eventually to hang with him on the bus. We watched hard days night and then he asked for a kiss, and that was my first actual kiss.

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Mine was in the game room at Cici's Pizza, with a couple of little kids watching...

Encore93s avatar Encore93 Yeah You Are +3Reply

do you remember it , your first kiss in your life, ever?

It was with a girl I loved, so it was fine by me.

Harpers avatar Harper No Way +2Reply

Yeah, mine sucked. To give him credit, I don't think the guy was a bad kisser, I was just... not attracted to him. No spark.

The girl started avoiding me the next day, and told me it "wasn't working out". It turns out she only agreed to go out with me because she was really desperate for male attention.


Big_Bosss avatar Big_Boss Yeah You Are +2Reply

Well that's what you get for guying after the guy in the Letterman's jacket, 80's law dictates if you want happiness you got to go with the plucky underdog!

My 1st kiss.... It wasn't special or anything. It was awkward cuz I got all nervous and kinda moved my head and he kissed the corner of my mouth hahaha.
The 1st kiss I had with my current boyfriend was amazing tho love smilie

Lol first kiss thread?
Mine was awkward, mainly just nervous as hell. And I remember thinking "This isn't what we thought it'd be like when we were kids!"

Treldmans avatar Treldman Yeah You Are +1Reply

.....we were both drunk on her living room floor. That was my first kiss. And a lot more...is that a bad thing?

It was my friend. He asked if I would kiss him and I didn't answer, then he said if I didn't answer he was going to kiss me. I secretly wanted him to do it but was to embarrassed to say yes, so he kissed me all awkward and then we continued watching the movie. We never even went out

Frank_n_Furters avatar Frank_n_Furter Yeah You Are 0Reply
@Frank_n_Furter It was my friend. He asked if I would kiss him and I didn't answer, then he said if I didn't answer he was going to...

I'm sorry, I can't help but laugh at your embarrassment :P Mine wasn't that great either, it took place outside of my high school

Marios avatar Mario Yeah You Are +2Reply

I didn't even like him D: But I was 12 and didn't know how to say NO. It was all sloppy and he acted like he couldn't get enough and we were behind a bathroom, and oh my Lord... It was just... UGH, I'M SO ASHAME!!!!

ToniBalonis avatar ToniBaloni Yeah You Are 0Reply

Mine was at a school dance in the middle of a mosh pit. Uck.

goodtimes avatar goodtime Yeah You Are 0Reply

i don't remember, sad. maybe if i think hard

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