It'd be cool to have a parody newspaper or news channel with things like "In recent news, a hush fell over a crowd in New Hampshire killing at least 50 moods and injuring more than 70... in other news a cat recently got out of a bag and grabbed a man's tongue!", amirite?

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Isn't that what the Onion is?

@Skr3wBall :O What is that?!

Its a website (and a show I'm pretty sure) that satirizes American and international news. It doesn't really apply though because they don't make up stories, just make fun of them. hmm smilie So never mind haha

I love how you chose NH. It warms my heart.

I tried too hard, but I'm still proud.

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@Skr3wBall I tried too hard, but I'm still proud.

I live in NH and this happens everyday...

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