You remember at least one nightmare from your childhood that still creeps you out. Amirite?

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When I was 6 and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I had this nightmare of someone repetitivly stabbing me with insulin in a corner of a white room. I was just spraying out blood like a shooken can of coke.

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@Poz When I was 6 and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I had this nightmare of someone repetitivly stabbing me with...

I also had other ones like a fox dressed in a builders outfit climbing and breaking into my window..

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I had a dream that I had a birthday party and invited a lot of people, and when they came over my mom put me in a corner and then everyone started celebrating another random persons birthday.
I have no idea why this was a nightmare to me, maybe I was spoiled.

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I ate everyone in my geography class, and also the janitor. I'm not even joking, and it was HORRIBLE

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an evil purple toilet turned into a monster and scared me and also my brother turned into Pinocchio
wary smilie

@ilikefurrywolves4815 an evil purple toilet turned into a monster and scared me and also my brother turned into Pinocchio

You made me seem like an idiot for laughing way too loud for something that was on my iPod. The weird stares are still coming at me.

It wasn't so much a nightmare, but I had this dream that I was in this huge warehouse full of sand or something. And there was this weird noise that I can still hear when I think about it and it makes my jaw feel weird.

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I had this horribly disturbing nightmare when I was probably about 6 or 7 where I was running through this huge, empty gray space, chased by nothing but a deep voice. Then I finally find a door in the middle of the nothingness...and cue horror music it's locked

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When I was 8-10, I walked to school every day. One night I had a dream that I was walking to school, but outside were a bunch of older kids(about teenagers) doing heroine with needles. I was terrified, but I needed my education dammit. I tried to sneak by when they attacked me and as they put the needle in my skin I woke up.

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Once I was part of the Holocaust so all of us were standing on one side of the room and had to run to the other side without getting shot by a Nazi but I ran and got shot.

Another time I dreamt I was black and these racists were after me and they shot me while I was watching Dora. frown smilie

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A statue came to life and attacked me, choking me and sticking a twig in my neck.

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I don't remember any childhood nightmares except being chased by a vacuum cleaner. I have more scary nightmares now actually, like having an emergency, calling 9/11 and having them not answer.

People were chasing me through this warehouse thing, and I had to climb these really tall shelves and hide in boxes and stuff. I had that one at least once every few months for years and years. Now I can't remember my dreams. (cry2)

I used to have this recurring dream about living as a penguin down in Antarctica, and this research team showed up and started capturing all my penguin brethren and experimenting on them. It always ended with me getting captured as well, and some scientist coming at me with this enormous needle.

Courage the Cowardly Dog gave me bad dreams every time I watched it. :(

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@Courage the Cowardly Dog gave me bad dreams every time I watched it. :(

That and Scooby Doo gave me nightmares. No one ever understood why I didn't want to watch Scooby Doo.

I had a dream that I was drowning kids by making them tread water with rocks tied to their heads and smoke cigarettes. In the middle of the Amazon. lolwut smilie

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The first nightmare I remember having was from when I was four or five and Taz from Looney Tunes put me in a washing machine with Tweety Bird. It was pretty scary for a preschooler...

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I was cut in half by a pirate with a huge axe. But I was still alive and could still move my legs even though they were completely severed from my upper torso. Thankfully I don't have dreams quite like that anymore.

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I was sleeping with my windows open, and I had a dream that a murder cut through the screen while I was asleep and came into my room to stab me to death. I cannot sleep with my windows open to this day.

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Three words: Brain sucking aliens.

When I was like 10 I had this nightmare on Christmas Eve where this lamb just kept having it's head cut off, over and over. By the time I woke up it was like 3am and I was sobbing. Worst. Dream. Ever.

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Had one where there were these chockens with flaming tails chasing me

Once when I was little I had a dream I was being chased by professional bowlers in a bowling alley. I still have no idea why it was so scary... I think they might have had knives or something. I also had another dream a few years ago where I stabbed and killed my mom right outside my bedroom. I was mad at her the night before, but I forgot about it when I woke up and actually believed I just killed my mom. I even got up and checked to make sure she was still alive.

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I've always had super horrible nightmares. The milder ones involve people trying to give me shots and chasing me when I escape (I am deathly afraid of needles) or being covered in spiderwebs. Others include getting shot, being in scary, bloody bathrooms, getting chased by a guy with a meat cleaver, getting knifed like they do in COD, or people being cut in pieces and strung up in the shower, still alive. That one still scares me and it happened months ago.

When I was probably 9 or so I had this dream where I was in the sunroom of my house (basically an extension with windows all around and two entrances from other parts of the house - these were glass doors). I wanted to leave the room, so I went over to the door and tried to open it, but there was no handle. I began worrying and frantically moved my hands up and down the glass - trying desperately to open it. I leaned over and fell into a hole on the ground and then cried out for my dad, and woke up. I then realized that in the night I had stood up, felt my window (which was to the left of my bed), thought it was the door, fallen off the bed in my excitement, and woken up. So yeah. Skeery. Another next comment.

@Emperorerror When I was probably 9 or so I had this dream where I was in the sunroom of my house (basically an extension with...

I had a nightmare of my sunroom being filled with zombies and they were stealing my hamsters. I had to try and save them while the floor was melting

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I don't think I ever had any nightmares. I still don't, I don't think. Maybe I just forget em all.

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I remember having this weird dream when I was six. I was in the house downstairs and I hear something and I go upstairs to tell my mom but when I get in the bedroom my mom is laying there dead. It just freaked me out and I still remember it to this day. (I'm 20)

When I was 6, I was starting to understand the concept of death and that one day the world will end.

I had a dream that the world blew up and there were a bunch of rotting corpses floating through space with an expression on their face's like they were pixies who had been stunned by Hermione in Lockheart's classroom. Which is oddly fitting cuz the corpses had a blue tint.

I cried myself to sleep for a good two weeks after that because that dream really let the idea of my own mortality sink in. My mom probably thought I had issues hehe smilie

I had a dream involving my little brother turning into the Little Mermaid. When I woke up I had to hide in the hall closet. It seems ridiculous looking back, but it was fucking terrifying at the time.

Eh, the only nightmare I ever remember dreaming as a kid was when I was 6 or so.

I was dreaming that I woke up in my parent's old car. No one was in the front seats, no one was near me. I looked around the car and found nothing. I turned around in my seat and looked at the back window. In the back my parents were waving goodbye, saying "Bye bye Katie!"
All of a sudden the car started and began moving away from my house. I frantically went to the door handles thinking I could just jump about before it got too fast, but every single door was locked. I couldn't unlock them. The dream ended when I was pressing my face against the back window screaming "MOMMYYYYYYYY!!!"

The first and possibly only nightmare I had was when I was 7 and I walking towards my swingset and this giant dragonfly popped in front of me and I woke up screaming.

When I was a bit younger, 6 or so, I had this recurring dream, which, if I can remember correctly, started out with me as a businessman, I believe, with a briefcaseon a bus. Once it reached my stop, I got up, began going down the stairs at the front of the bus and then tripped and fell onto the curb and sidewalk/road. I landed on a bunch of insects which turned out to be lobsters, and they ate me. The next thing I can remember is being inside one of their stomachs, which was like a dimly lit empty pink circle made of a rubbery substance which I was sitting in. It was maybe 4 times bigger than me. It was extremely warm and humid. I think there were some other things that happened after that, but the next thing I remember is having a third person view in a hospital room with a really fat man in the bed and doctors around him - he was dieing and had eaten the lobster/insects that had eaten me! I could feel the lobster's stomach pressing in around me as it was crushed inside the fat man as he died. I think I suffocated, and then the dream ended. Shitty stuff.

The creepiest nightmare I've ever had was one where my dad and I were in the middle of a swamp. Suddenly some crocodiles attacked my dad, pushed him underwater and starting eating him alive. I tried to stop them but these pythons started wrapping themselves around me, holding me back. I was only 7 or 8, it absolutely terrified me.

I had a dream that i was in my house wait and somehow i just knew that Death Eaters were on there way to my house because i had a mini Crunch bar they wanted. So me, my mom, my sister, and my brother (who in this dream was John Cena~ i dont know why), had to hide decoys around the house. one was hidden in the ceiling, one in the fireplace and one was hidden on the top of one of our doors. We had to set up a dinner because the Death Eater were coming to dinner and they were going to try to trick us into drinking a truth serum that would make us tell them where the real Crunch bar was. It was really nerve racking because the whole time we were running around hiding thing, waiting on them to come. but i woke up before they arrived because they were running late. That's some scary shit.

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