The nature verses nurture argument for gay people is kind of like tastes in food. Was someone born not liking eggs, or did it just kind of happen as they grew up? Either way, they don't like eggs so we shouldn't give them stick about it, amirite?

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If you like eggs, it will ruin the sanctity of food. Soon people will say they like mayonnaise on a sandwich plain, then they will like ketchup and peanut butter, and before you know it, everyone will be practicing incest, bestiality, and doing meth. I say we ban eggs before this happens, and society is ruined.

Is "liking eggs" a reference to female eggs? If so I applaud you.

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@Disco Wondering same thing about "give them stick"

I think that was censored because I did not write stick..

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@GiggityGoo22 I think that was censored because I did not write stick..

Are you sure it wasn't a typo? I've never heard of a mod editing cuss words before.

This comment was deleted by its author.

Why is a simple play on words that doesn't affect the meaning of the post stupid?
Lighten up.

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But I like eggs. Even though our government has nothing to do with tastes in food, lets make it illegal to hate eggs. My cookbook has eggs in it so it must be wrong to hate eggs.

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I am gay and I don't like eggs. This post is therefore very special to me smile smilie

This is exactly how I've explained it to people before o:

It wouldn't change my opinion, like I support gay rights with a passion no matter what but the whole idea of it kind of always intrigued me y'know

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