If you were the president, you know one thing you would change straight away. Amirite?

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Upon trying to change this one thing, and other things, you would learn;
-how you can't actually change that thing due to the limitations of your power
-how certain countries hate you because of what a predecessor did during a decade that happened before you were even born
-how much political ass you need to kiss despite your country being bigger
-how bitchy a room full of elected, self-important, man-children can be
-how 50% of the country can violently hate you for having different views
-how people can hate you even if you had done something miraculous like saving n orphan from a bus, in fact some will hate you for even saving the orphan at all
-and how awkward it is to have 9 dudes in black suits watch you pee.

You can't just make laws willy nilly, nor can you make laws at all.

I like how this post is from great Britain

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Of coure their is the system of checks and balances. As presisent, you don't hold all the power.

inb4 "LEGALIZE WEED!!!1!!"

I would make the jail time longer for rapists.

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@Poz I would make the jail time longer for rapists.

I'm guessing you've been raped before?

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